Sunday Picked Crab

Coming April 14th!

Celebrate spring with a variety of picked crab plates. Baked Dungeness crab with buttered leeks, fennel, oil-cured olives and piquillo peppers. Dungeness crab fried rice with aromatic vegetables, soy, and toasted sesame. Dungeness crab and asparagus custard. Steamed spring raab tossed in roasted garlic and topped with savory crunchy bits. Spiced Dungeness crab broth.

Our favorite kale caesar salad is your first course: a mix of kale, pickled red onion, spiced hazelnuts,  and herbed bread crumbs tossed with our anchovy vinaigrette.

For dessert it’s chocolate cake.  Why just chocolate cake? Is it ever “just” anything here? Of course not! Prepare for a surprise or two.

$30 per plate, 5-8pm